The Ministry-BIO:


          Hello, I'm Smokey 

           First of all, thanks for visiting my site and we look forward to meeting you along life's journey in service for Him!  

           I was born in Lynchburg VA and graduated from E.C. Glass High School, I was one of seven children. During my years of growing up, I saw my Mother, Daisy and father Burnett go through a lot of heartache and pain due to our brothers having Muscular Dystrophy and dying between 15 and 23 years of age. In raising us, they always kept praying and pressing on, always trying to instill good values, honesty & to have respect for others. My sisters Nora, had two boys, & Margaret had one boy that all died from this terrible disease. God always prevailed and strengthen us as a family to keep on, keeping on - He is in control of it all!

         Speaking of obedience, I never would have dreamed that, I would have been standing in front of anybody speaking, much less singing; since the fact that I was very shy growing up. But after accepting Jesus Christ on November 18th, 1988 - He completely turned my life around. He gave me the desire to tell as many people as possible about His Love, Mercy, & Grace through song. When I started singing for Him, it all began at a small country church, when Brenda's mother-Minnie, convinced me to go to her church, and life changed for my family and I for the best, since that day.  I am also thankful for the Ten CD's that He has allowed me to record in serving and spreading His love in song. Honestly, I can say to you that I have never regretted one day serving our Lord & Savior...

         I have been married to Brenda for Forty-Three years, and we have been blessed with two children, Donnie Jr. & wife Amber, Brooke & husband Gavin, & our beautiful and wonderful grandchildren. With that said, I am truly grateful and thankful for all of my friends and support, and the life that God has allowed me throughout my time of service thus far.

   My prayer is - that He will continue to anoint and bless the Ministry in bringing others closer to Him.  For, I have always said; if one soul is saved, it would be worth it all!   

                                                                 Your friend,




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